Vanda Surf Proudly Partner With Earth Bottles
November 4, 2019

Vanda Surf are proud to partner with Earth Bottles.

The brainchild of my good friends Ash Grunwald (@ashgrunwald) and Danni Carr (@just_dannicarr), Earth Bottles was conceived after a surfing trip to Bali that highlighted the need for eco-friendly, sustainable containers and packaging to combat the ever-increasing scourge of pollution and waste.

Ash’s close connection to the music industry has led to collaborations with performing artists including Midnight Oil, Ziggy Alberts and the Living End, in addition to numerous NFP’s and NGO’s including Beyond Blue and HopeforHealth, whereby collaborators receive 25% of wholesale profits towards their targeted cause.

Mindful, considerate, socially-conscious and thoughtful design is a subject close to my heart. It is no secret that the process of producing and manufacturing surfboards involves a large amount of energy and culminates in various toxic waste by-products.

It’s my aim to continually strive to develop and engineer new means of construction to mitigate, minimise and eliminate waste, increase recyclability and streamline supply chains to facilitate a lighter, greener footprint.

One planet, one human race.

– Vanda

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